6 Bitmoji alternatives that help you create cartoon avatars

Everyone is looking to improve their social media game. What better way than to personalize? Personal avatar, custom emoji and stickers are all the rage. But not all apps are created equal. Many different options exist.  Bitmoji is currently the most popular personal emoji creator. It allows you to create a cartoon avatar and insert it into a library of pre-selected stickers and “moods.” While some people seem pleased with Bitmoji, what if you’re looking for some alternative ways to express yourself? Maybe you don’t want to go through the (relatively limited) trouble of making an avatar. Maybe you just want to up your gif and emoji game. Maybe you just want to try out Bitmoji alternatives before buying the whole cow.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got a list of Top 6 “best” Bitmoji alternatives for you. Go ahead and make that social media sing, Bitmoji or no. 

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Top 6 “best” Bitmoji alternatives:

Bitmoji Alternatives 1: Elite Emoji – More emoji options

Top 6 "best" Bitmoji alternatives that are actually GOOD.


Let’s start with the basics. Most users could probably do with a bit more emoji options. Instead of jumping straight on the custom avatar train, why not first broaden your library. Look into Elite Emoji and see if you are satisfied with a wider range of emoji and stickers. The app offers over 2000 high quality emoji and stickers. Easily available in messenger apps such as WhatsApp and other popular apps. A good way to start experimenting with a bit more creativity in your social media.

Bitmoji Alternatives 2: Giphy – Create your own GIF

Top 6 "best" Bitmoji alternatives that are actually GOOD.


The leader when it comes to collecting and disseminating Gifs, as well stickers, you can’t go wrong with Giphy. Feel free to puruse the massive library and find the gif that fits your mood perfectly. Reaction Gifs are the go-to, and there are certainly a ton available. Express yourself with the perfect funny reaction.

Bitmoji Alternatives 3: Emoji Maker – Personalize emojis

Top 6 "best" Bitmoji alternatives that are actually GOOD.


So, now might be the time to make the jump to personalization. Emoji Maker promises you the ability to create animated emojis that look like you. It’s unclear exactly how the process works, but the app does seem to be gaining some traction. The 3D animated Emoji look pretty good, and offer quite a bit of customizability. There seem to be some some negative reviews, however, they’re sure to be resolved. 

Bitmoji Alternatives 4: Avatoon – Create custom cartoon avatars

Avatoon brand logo


Now maybe you’re ready to get into creating custom avatars. Avatoon seems to offer many of the same features as Bitmoji, with a bit extra. By sending the App a selfie, Avatoon creates you a cartoon avatar. Hence the name. You can then make emoji and stickers of your avatar. Avatoon seems to offer more customizability than most of the other apps. You can collect and change clothes, facial features, accessories etc. But one thing that makes it stand out, is the ability to insert your avatar into real life photos. Seems like a legit feature. I too would like a cartoon stand-in for bad hair days.

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Bitmoji Alternatives 5: Mirror AI – Customize your cartoon characters

Top 6 "best" Bitmoji alternatives that are actually GOOD.


Another competent Bitmoji competitor, Mirror-AI comes in strong in the customization aspect. Like Avatoon, Mirror offers customization of the face and the ability to create stickers for any situation. The art style of both the apps is pretty comparable, and not as creepy as many of the Bitmoji competitors seem to be. Mirror leans heavily into sticker customization, and seems to do a good job. While it doesn’t seem to emphasize as wide a range of options as Avatoon, it’s still a solid choice. Will definitely spice up your sticker game.

Bitmoji Alternatives 6: FaceQ – More custom sticker options

bitmoji alternatives - Face Q


We’ll end this list with FaceQ. FaceQ likewise offers a variety of customizable options for creating an Avatar. It seems to offer mostly stickers, which look pretter good. The art-style is a bit more simplistic than the other apps on this list, which can be a positive. The only real negative we can see is that FaceQ doesn’t seem to offer as much personalization as we would like. Users manually create their avatar from a set of pre-selected features. So none of the personal artistic touch you would get from the other cartoon avatar makers listed. Still, it could be good if your needs are a bit more basic.

So, regardless of what app you end up using, let this be a wake-up call. Social media isn’t going away any time soon, and there’s no reason to get stuck using the same old tired stickers and emoji everyone else does. We recommend jumping on the customization train and trying out some of the different options out there. It might actually make the process more fun. The avatar route seems like a good way of making memorable social media without having to take a million pics of yourself. And hey, it definitely seems like the field is pretty stacked, so now’s the perfect time to do some experimenting. 

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