6 Japanese avatar makers – Make your avatar Kawaii style!

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Do you love Avatar: The last Airbender? Want to make an avatar of yourself in an Eastern style? Check out these Japanese avatar makers in Google Play which can help you to make your own cute cartoon avatar. We analyzed user reviews, ratings, and more for these apps to give you our top 6 Japanese avatar creators!

Whether you are a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender ( add link later ), Pokémon, Anime, Manga, or other aspects of Japan’s culture, you should give these personal Japanese avatar makers a try. Let’s make a kawaii avatar together!

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6 Japanese Kawaii Avatar Maker You’ll Like:

1.Styledoll – 3D Avatar maker

This cute avatar creator is just adorable! Ever wondered how you would look as a Japanese high school student? The best feature is probably the fashion and style, you can replicate a really genuine anime character easily. This app does a great job, with tons of accessories, outfits, and facial features to edit. Become the anime protagonist you always wanted to be.

2. Avatoon

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Download Avatoon – Your personal avatar creator & emoji maker on Google Play and download Avatoon on App Store. Start your Avatoon Journey now! 

Avatoon has two styles to choose from, one like an anime character, and another that looks more like a western cartoon. If you really want to be like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, I’d recommend this app in particular.


It has the facial scan for a quick avatar feature that many top avatar creators do. It’s constantly updated content means that new styles are always available, but really I want to say that the app is easy to use and fun to play with.

3. Avatar Factory

Avatar factory is a great cute cartoon avatar source. This app focuses really heavily on the face, rather than the full body. My favorite part is the amazing selection of hairstyles, some of the elaborate loops and pigtails are very cool. It also lets you cram images full of stickers like ice cream to make them extra cute.

4. Cute Avatar Maker: Make Your Own Cute Avatar

The same says it all! Unbelievably cute avatars to make and send the friends. This app leans really heavily into a wacky Japanese cultural feel, with huge eyes, wild hair colors, animal ears, and trendy outfits. This app also makes it easier to get two avatars on the same image, supported by silly accessories.

5. LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World

For cuteness, this one is an 11/10. It’s an overload of adorable little avatars, pink colors and big smiles that reminded me of games from when I was a kid. This has the feature to get an avatar from a selfie which is great and very convenient. It also has a role-playing-ish world to dive into where you can collect cute pets and more.

6. Avatar Maker: Make Your Own Avatar

Avatar maker make your own avatar

Our final app returns to a very Japanese-style avatar, with the characters looking very similar to anime. The characters are taller and look more like a real-life person though, the eyes aren’t as oversized. Of course, you still get all sorts of hair colors, tiny noses, and cat ears, and the app focuses on portrait style pictures. Backgrounds and outfits are easy to edit. Overall it’s a very cute avatar maker, and good for creating several characters at once.

These were our top 6 Japanese avatar makers. Tell us on INSTAGRAM if you like these apps, or have another to recommend!

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