Character creator games – Just Like in Identity V!

I can’t be the only one who is obsessed with character creator games. Right now Identity V is totally my jam! I love designing characters and finding other games like Identity V that let me design my own character. But, I also can’t be the only one that sometimes gets frustrated! I mean, it’s absolutely insane how bad I can be at earning new characters. Sometimes I really just want a character generator that lets me create my character and alter character appearance and design myself! 

Before we go, why not download Avatoon – Your personal avatar creator & emoji maker on Google Play and download Avatoon on App Store first? Start your Avatoon Journey now! 

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Well that’s where Avatoon comes in. You can design your character like Identity V, but you don’t have to suffer endlessly to do it. You can totally make a bunch of new characters too, and get a lot of rewards. There’s tons of cool ways you can create a character in Avatoon, but it’s really much more than that. It’s not just a personal character creator. That’s part of it of course. But it’s so much more. Learn more about Avatoon, and download it here.  

How to create your personal character?

1.Characters for All!

Who can use Avatoon? EVERYONE! Avatoon makes it super siimple to create your character. You can manually create a character to make a character like Identity V or other games like Identity V. So it’s perfect for people that love creating characters, but don’t have the skill. But it’s also perfect for those who just want to try a different cartoon character maker. Avatoon even lets you make a character from pics on your phone! You can make one just like you!

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2. Use them on social media!

Avatoon characters are great because they way the app works you can easily share your creations and pics of your characters across social media. Show off the hard work you put into your creations, and make a statement!

3. Screams around the world!

Ever wanted to go to Thailand? Or skydiving? Well, Avatoon lets you insert your creations into real life pictures! Give your Identity V characters the vacation that you wanted. Put them into pictures, different scenarios and scary situations. 

4. Make More!

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Don’t get stuck with just one character. Avatoon lets you have an unlimited amount of characters, that are much easier to earn then Identity V characters. Why struggle endlessly to get just one character, when you can earn characters so much easier in Avatoon?

5.Get Personal – Chat with your own emoji and stickers.

Not only can you create characters, Avatoon also lets you make emoji and stickers, and personalize emoji and stickers as well! So why not make stickers featuring your Identity V characters, and share them with other fans of the game!

6. Share with friends!

avatoon make your own cartoon character 2

Speaking of other Identity V fans, why not use Avatoon to create some cool character generator content? Whip up some stuff featuring your friend’s characters, and make special messages! Shareable messages for friends and other fans is a great way to show your support!

7. Avatars for Everyone! – make different avatars

avatoon create your cartoon face free 6

Speaking of gifts and other special stuff. Why not create avatar of family, friends, or ever your dog. Make some co-stars to hang out with you in your pics and stories. And give them to friends and family, so they can have fun with them too!


Click here, for a detailed How – To. But don’t worry, it’s super simple to get started!

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