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Hello, my name is Avatoon. I am less than a year old, but growing every day. I guess I’m a “personal avatar creator & emoji maker” both for Android and IOS but I think that sounds sooooo boring. I mean, I don’t want to JUST, like, make some little picture that looks like you…I mean that’s part of it I guess. But I want to do much more. I want to help give your whole social media a makeover, and give you the ability to customize and create however you want! So, lemme show you how to cartoon your social life!


EVERYONE! I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl. Young, or young-at-heart. I think everyone deserves to have fun! Create a mini-cartoon you, and stand out from the crowd! Show who you really are, not just how you look in one pic…Cultivate an image that shows what makes you special. You can jazz up your social media profile, but also your messaging, texts…even your real life!


1. Social Media that Stands Out – easily and safely!

I mean, everyone knows you’re cute. But do you really want to plaster your face over the whole internet all the time? It’s fine, but honestly it can be hard to stand out and keep your privacy. It can also be hard to create a unified image across all your social media. There are so many different platforms, it’s crazy. So why not create an image that shows off how you look, that people will recognize, without having to expose yourself to angry cyberbullies. 

2. Show a different side of you – Take a digital vacation!

Okay, so, really. Does everyone on social media have a travel budget and hair and makeup? 

What if you can’t get to Thailand every weekend? What if you can’t go skydiving? I think it’s lame you can’t get good pics without spending a ton of time and money. Why not insert your avatar direct into photos! Show off your dream vacation. Have an adventure. Make fun social media without looking like some insta-diva. I mean, you’re super cool, let’s show everyone how cool! 

3. Show a Different Side – As many as you want!

Avatoon home page pic - create your own personal avatar

I don’t think you should be stuck with just on avatar. Sure you can have one that’s 100% you. But what if you want to have an avatar that’s like old lady you? Or one that’s like Commando Warrior you? I don’t know your life. But I do think you should have as many avatars as you want.

 4. Get Personal – Chat with your own emoji and stickers.

Avatoon chat with your own emoji

Emoji are fine. They’re kind of cute. But like…They’re not that memorable? What if you want send messages people will actually pay attention to? Create your own personal emoji and stickers, starring you. People won’t forget when the emoji is actually you! It says so much more, and is just way more fun. Try not to feel too bad about how jealous everyone gets.

5. Show Some Love – Create personal messages, and gifts!

Ok. You love your parents. You love your friends. Is a simple text with some boring emoji the best you can do? Greeting cards are basically over and take forever anyway. Why not create a personal message that actually means something? Let me help. You can use a photo template to insert your avatar with a personal message, or, of course, I’ll help you edit your own photos. And don’t worry if you’re not sure what to say. I try and whip-up some special stuff for all the big holidays

6. Avatars for Everyone! – make different avatars

Avatoon your personal avatar creator and emoji maker

Speaking of gifts and other special stuff. Why not create avatar of family, friends, or ever your dog. Make some co-stars to hang out with you in your pics and stories. And give them to friends and family, so they can have fun with them too!

7. Develop Your Style – customize your look

Honestly, what’s more fun than dress-up? Change your outfit. Customize your hair and make-up. Change out accessories. Try out fun styles you’re too nervous to in real life. I mean, let’s have fun! Why stick to just one look? 


Click here, for a detailed How – To. But don’t worry, it’s super simple to get started!


Avatoon is an App which allows you create your personal cartoon avatar and your own emoji. It’s an avatar-based platform where you create your personal avatar from photo in one second, customize every detail you like, and chat with friends and families. And actually, Avatoon can create a digital mini-you and explore the virtual universe as an avatar styled. Why do I say “Your mini avatar can explore virtual universe as an avatar styled”? 

Because you can make your personal cartoon avatar like this:

Like this:

Like this:

Or like this:

Avatoon can help you cartoon a mini you, spice up your social life and connect you to the world.



Conveniently, Avatoon is available for both Apple and Android phones. You can download the Apple version on App Store, and the Android version on Google Play.

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and on the Avatoon Website. I love sharing content, and especially love seeing all of the things we make together! So, share what you make on Instagram. I want everyone to see how awesome you are.

Now, don’t hesitate, start your Avatoon journey!

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