10 Signs Your Dog Truly Likes You

Does your dog truly love you? In that innate, or just a result of the food you provide?

Well, scientists have studied the brains of dogs to find that the answer is yes, they just love people. Dogs co-evolved with humans, so our two species are able to communicate and understand each other much more easily than other animals. Let’s look at 10 ways your dog tries to tell you how he feels.

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So, does my dog truly love me? How can I know that?

10 signs your dog likes you and love you 4

1.Giving You A Toy

It’s well known that dogs will bring their favorite toy to their owner if they detect signs of sadness or depression. While a stuffed animal covered in drool might be not what you wanted, the dog’s logic is clear. If this makes me happy, it must make my owner happy too.

This shows that your dog cares about you on a deep level, as this behavior occurs just a result of sadness. Dogs are quite good at realizing when you are sad (better than a lot of people are) and will make efforts to change your emotions.

They also might in your lap, or do something that makes you smile or laugh to cheer up a bad mood.

2. They Ask You for Help

When a dog cannot figure out how to do something, they seek help from humans. This appears to be an instinct they evolved to have. This can be small things, like a broken toy or opening the door, or larger problems, like if another dog needs medical help.

The famous story with a boy stuck in a well, so a dog goes to alert other humans is an example of this. When a dog can’t fix a problem, they trust their owner to assist.

3. The Dog Tries to Follow the Rules

10 signs your dog likes you and love you 2

Dogs may have difficulty understanding complex rules, but the fact that they try shows they love and respect the human making those rules. They might not get the details right, but they will often put effort into trying.

Similarly, if a dog is disobeying, it could be a sign that he or she doesn’t understand what the instructions are. Well trained dogs will try to follow orders, sometimes they just don’t get it! Not all that dogs are smart, but they are lovable nonetheless.

4. Wagging That Tail

The tail wag is a famous sign that a dog is happy. Many dogs cannot help but do this. Even dogs with amputated tails will move the muscles to shake their tail.

Recent research has found some interesting discoveries about tail wagging. If it leans to the right, that’s a sign it’s a genuine wag of pure happiness. Leaning the left could mean other emotions. For example, a dog might wag its tail to show that it wants to be friendly in an unsure situation, like meeting someone new.

5. Sneezing During Play

Some dogs sneeze to indicate that a fight is just pretend, only for play. If they wrestle with their owners they might suddenly burst into a fit of sneezes. It’s quite cute, though it can be startling too.

It’s a sign that they are having fun, and don’t want to show any aggression towards you.

6. Being Close to You

Dogs enjoy being close the ones they love. This can include a wide variety of behavior, from standing next to you to standing directly on your feet, or laying down near you. Many dogs will prefer to be in a room with you, even if just sleeping or eating.

7. Accompanies You While Eating

10 signs your dog likes you and love you 1

This isn’t the same as begging. Dogs do like to be around food, but especially when they get older, if they just like to relax with you while eating, it’s a sign of affection. Humans bond with each other in a similar way. Some dogs might even guard you when you eat or do other tasks.

While this can be cute, make sure it doesn’t get too far, the dog might get aggressive towards other family members.

8. Makes Eye Contact

Dogs, similar to people, look at things they like. Just looking at someone you love releases oxytocin. This is true for two romantic lovers, or a mother and a baby. If your dog is constantly gazing at you, it means they love you! 

Some dogs do this more than others. My childhood dog was always running into things, because when walking he would stare up at the people he was with. More than once he walked right into a swimming pool because he wouldn’t take his eyes off of me.

9. They Copy You

A dog might copy some of your behavior if he or she loves you. It’s a sign that you are the pack leader, so they want to emulate your actions. It can also show that they agree with you.

A common behavior for this trend is yawning. It means that your emotions are connected, you both feel tired at the same time.

10. They Like Your Stuff

10 signs your dog likes you and love you 3

It’s usually the smell of your stuff that they like. Things like old clothing or your bedroom will smell just like you, so dogs will gravitate towards those things. They can especially fond of doing this when someone leaves, for example if a child leaves for college and the dog misses him or her.

A dog just enjoying laying in your dirty clothes is showing that they enjoy your scent and feel safe when around that smell.

That’s our top 10 ways a dog shows he loves you. Of course, there are so many more. Dogs often show their love just by being a dog! These fun and carefree creatures are our greatest companions and truly love us deep down, it’s much more than a food based relationship (which is more than I can say about my ex!)

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