6 Self – Help methods to naturally reduce anxiety

Are you feeling down? Stressed and anxious? And you don’t know how to reduce anxiety by yourself? Yeah, I know you may feeling like something just isn’t right with the world. Maybe you feel as if something isn’t quite right with you. That’s normal, everyone feels that way at some point, often while a teenager (and it doesn’t stop when you are an adult). It just means you’re human. 

There’s no shortage of reasons to feel stressed in today’s world, from COVID-19 to politics to a number of other things (I’m not going to list them, because just writing them all down made me feel stressed). You might see a joke that millennials are all depressed, or that teenagers are too anxious, none of that’s true. Everybody is down sometimes, but we need to learn how to help ourselves with anxiety. 

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How to reduce anxiety by Self-Help?

Here are 5 self-help methods for you guys to naturally reduce anxiety, you should give this list a read. And remember, it’s going to be okay. Anxiety will lose, you will win.

Self-Help Method 1: Just Keep Going

If at the end of a day you feel like you didn’t achieve anything, it can be okay. You’re still here, you’ll have another day, and another chance to achieve something. Seriously, if you quit this list right now, you will still feel better eventually. Or keep reading, the later tips will help out too!

Self-Help Method 2: Try Meditating

I always pictured meditation as some Eastern-philosophical thing, but it isn’t. It also isn’t feminine or religious, it doesn’t make you enlightened and wise, nor weak and silly. It’s basically just taking quiet time to be alone. In fact, some other activities (such as working out alone, or walking a dog) provide similar experiences, and people who do that tend to feel good for similar reasons. If you feel down, take a moment to just relax.

Actually, even if you feel great, take a moment to meditate. It’s just a lovely experience, whether you feel anxious or not.

Meditating is shockingly easy to start, you can find information or videos on most social media. There are even apps available for your phone.

Self-Help Method 3: Say “It’s going to be okay” out loud

There’s an old idea that if every morning, you told yourself there was a tiny unicorn living in your shoes, you would eventually start to believe it. That can happen with emotions too, if you are always down on yourself, you’ll believe it (even if you are wrong, which you probably are). Likewise, a tiny bit of positivity can help bring you up.

By the way, talking to yourself a little bit, especially things like reminders or encouragements, is perfectly normal. Everyone is talking to themselves in their heads, but sometimes saying something out loud is helpful.

Self-Help Method 4: Watch “It’s Such A Beautiful Day”


This video was viral when I was in high school, probably because the creator had several a series of silly, easily quotable videos on Youtube. However, it becomes a story about dealing with tough emotions such as depression. This was a great way to lead into it, because everyone wants to laugh, but might be afraid to say they are feeling sad. This classic Don Hertzfeld video still has the same impact it did when it was released about a decade ago.

Self-Help Method 5: Do Something You Haven’t In A Long Time

A lot of advice tells you to do something new, but that isn’t easy, so I won’t ask you to. Instead I want you to do something you haven’t in a long time, whether that’s to play an old video game, watch a childhood favorite movie, or go somewhere you haven’t been in years. These experiences tend to bring that awesome feeling of nostalgia we all love, while making you feel safe in a familiar environment. It’s much easier than doing something new, and you’ll feel more energized. You wouldn’t eat the same food everyday and expect to enjoy it, so why would you expect to do the same thing and not get bored or tired?

Self-Help Method 6: Change Social Media

Most lists will tell you stop using, and it usually makes me think “Ok Boomer”. Seriously, most people can’t just stop unless they want lose all contact with friends. A bunch of people couldn’t do their job without communication sites.

Here is a much easier goal that achieves just as much good. Adjust your social media slightly. A very easy example is to change what you view on reddit, unfollow the news and politics, and instead add things such r/awww, or personal hobbies.

A good one for instagram is to focus on beautiful things instead of beautiful people. So follow artists instead of models. You don’t have to unfollow forever, but usually it’s nice to see new kinds of content sometimes.


Who doesn’t feel better after looking at a puppy?

Are you suffering anxiety or feeling down now? Why not come to talk with us? We are a group of people who are really fun. Follow us on Instagram and explore more self-help methods together!

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