Avatoon home page pic - create your own personal avatar

Mix And Match Outfits With Avatoon

Are you trying to update your wardrobe?  Looking for a fresh new look? Avatoon is there for you. You can mix-and-match tons of clothing options from Avatoon’s extensive clothes selection.

Here’s how  to use Avatoon’s many clothes options to create just the look you want.

Giving your avatar a fashion overhaul is the perfect way to set yourself apart. Avatoon offers tons of clothing, so lets take a look at how to use them all now. 

  • In the Avatoon App home-screen, press the Clothes button on the right side of the screen.
  • In the Clothes screen you can scroll through the different clothing options at the top, to select the item you want to change. For example, click the Shoes button to change you shoes.
  • In the Shoes tab you can scroll through the many unique shoe options available for you.
  • Repeat for any of the other clothing options you want to change.
  • Press the blue Save button in the top right corner when you’re finished.

Once your outfit is complete make sure to save, or you’ll lose your work. But, don’t worry, you can change your avatar’s outfit whenever you want. Raid the Avatoon wardrobe at your leisure.