Ice Cream Day: 10 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors Bet You’ll Like

National Ice Cream Day 2020 is here! There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a delicious ice cream cone. Unless you are lactose intolerant. In which case, you have my condolences. There are few fonder memories than taking a stroll to get an ice cream and picking your favorite flavor. There’s so many great ice cream flavors to try, it’s a shame you can’t eat them all at one. One of the best parts about ice cream is, of course, picking your favorite flavor. And then defending it loyally to friends and family.

So, without chatting too much, let’s vote for your favorite flavor and look at the most popular ice cream flavors in the USA!

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Ice Cream Day 2020: Vote For Your Favorite Flavor!


So, let’s get the first one out of the way. Vanilla is probably the most common ice cream flavor, and pretty much the starter of ice cream flavors. It also has the advantage of being a great compliment to other deserts, such as apple pie. Plus, you can go crazy with the toppings, and they don’t overwhelm the flavor. Even though “vanilla” can mean lame and boring, it’s good not to forget the basics. 

2. Chocolate

The other ice cream starter flavor, and the most searched flavor in Alaska, chocolate is the basic counterpart too vanilla. The age old question “chocolate or vanilla” has about the same importance as “cats or dogs.” But it’s not really fair to pit them against each other.  Chocolate has the advantage of being more versatile, and is the base of many other ice cream flavors. It can be rich or light, and is perfect for almost any palate. 

 3. Strawberry

The final member of the ice cream triumvirate, Strawberry is sometimes included in the classic chocolate vs. vanilla debate, as the thinking person’s alternative. One of the top searched ice creams in the USA, it’s another classic, and has it’s own mini-debate. Fruit chunks or no fruit chunks? 

4. Cookies and Cream

Number 3 on many top 10 lists, this cookies and cream is in many ways just toppings put into vanilla. And what excellent toppings they are. The oreo like cookies are the perfect ice cream compliment. It’s not controversial to rank cookies and cream as some people’s favorite flavor. It just happens to be the most searched flavor in the entire USA.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip

My personal favorite, Mint Chocolate Chip standouts from the others for its crisp light flavor, which is perfectly complimented by basic chocolate chip chunks. This ice cream is very different from the other flavors, and my personal favorite way to get minty goodness. It also pairs perfectly with chocolate sauce, or other sweet toppings.

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Another flavor featuring chocolate chip chunks, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or just cookie dough, in my house, is a genius level mix in my experience. Combining everyones favorite elicit desert of raw cookie dough with ice cream, creates magic. Created only in 1991, this young millennial has made a splash despite its youth. The chunks of cookie dough in the cream make for an excellent eating experience. 

7. Neapolitan

This is almost a cheat as it includes the big three, but how can we leave it off? It’s the perfect mix of three contrasting flavors. A sort of three-for-one deal, Neapolitan mixes a rich dark chocolate, with sweet vanilla, plus fruity strawberry. Why pick any of the three starters, when you can have all three? 

8. Coffee

Another flavor that stands out from the crowd, Coffee ice cream is as iconoclastic as Mint Chocolate Chip. Rich, dark, and tangy, Coffee ice cream is the flavor for those with less of a sweet tooth that still want Ice Cream. One of the staples of my family growing up,” having Coffee” meant the ice cream, not the drink, in my house.

9. Butter Pecan

I think of Butter Pecan as an “adult” flavor. All sweet mixed with some weird tasting nuts, when I was a child it was a bit much. But as I got older I began to appreciate its refined textures. I can’t be the only one, since according to a survey it’s the third most popular in America! 

10. Moose Tracks

This is probably the most fun one on our list. Moose tracks in many ways feels like what would happen if you were in charge of making ice cream flavors yourself. I want to put this in, and this, and this, and, amazingly, it still comes out great! The opposite of when I tried to mix sodas and cereals as a child. 

So what do you think? Is your preferred flavor on this list? Did we leave any out? What about Rainbow Sherbet, or the sugar rush in a spoonful that is Birthday Cake?  What’s your favorite flavor, and what are your memories of it? 

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