Creative Halloween Costumes to Represent 2020

Tiger King Costumes, Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin


Tiger King was an epic television event that gained popularity around the world. The wild story released at just the right time and brought people together. Share the murder and mayhem with friends and family with these unique costumes.


The main characters unique fashion choices and fondness for big cats make them an easy to do Halloween costume.  Joe Exotic has that famous blonde hair and mustache, plus the crazy tiger print tops. The items aren’t common, but they aren’t impossible to find if you plan ahead.

Carole Baskin’s outfit is actually quite easy to replicate. Look for hippy outfits at Halloween stores.

Of course, any costume can be improved by carrying around a stuffed tiger. It has group costume potential too, with several friends dressed as tigers.

Coronavirus Themed Costumes

The biggest event of this year by far has been the quarantine. COVID-19 is the scariest monster around right now, so it’s an appropriate costume choice.


True virus costumes are hard to come by. If you search online, you can find bacteria or germ costumes, but they won’t have the signature crown of a corona virus.

You might have to DIY an accurate virus costume. A good choice for anyone who likes arts and craft. Generally the virus looks like a ball with spikes coming out of it, and could be represented as any color.

Another approach would be to go as Corona Beer. A beer bottle is a classic lighthearted costume choice. It’s always nice to incorporate some world play into your costume.

Doctors or Nurses


Many health care professionals have had a busy year, so it’s a great time to show appreciation by making them your costume. These costumes have the added perk of naturally having a mask. It’s quite likely you would have to wear a mask at Halloween parties or events, so a costume that compliments the mask is a great move.

These costumes are available to purchase easily and effortlessly at most Halloween stores or online.

Toiler Paper or Toilet Paper Hoarder


My personal pick for funniest costume idea. The toilet paper shortages were a surprise problem that we can hopefully look back and laugh at. You could go as a roll of toilet paper, or if feeling extra adventurous try to dress like a hoarder.


The best way to make yourself look like a real hoarder would be to get far too much toiler paper and keep it with you. Otherwise, try to dress like a Wal-mart shopper, with oversized casual clothing, especially hoodies.

Toilet paper costumes will generally have to be DIY, but not that difficult. Use a white sheet as the paper, then make a cylinder out of any material. Hardware stores have various materials that could be used.

Meta-Costumes About Our Culture

Netflix and Chill. Something many of us have missed doing throughout 2020. It’s a funny costume for a pair of people to do. An individual can do it by carrying a bag of ice too, though that gets inconvenient as the night goes on.

These costumes are easy to make, just a shirt of the appropriate color and plain text on top. Choose red to represent Netflix of course.

The Quarantine Costume



To do this costume, you simply stay home and do nothing on Halloween. Don’t go outside, don’t touch your friends, just stay home. A top choice for any introverts out there.

This costume has the benefits of being extra safe and very low effort. If anyone tries to grief you about not going out, no you have an excuse. Stay home at meet the holiday spirit at once!

Those are our top 5 ideas for 2020 Halloween costumes. Let us know if you other great ideas!

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