Father’s Day 2020: top greeting cards to suit all dads

Father’s Day 2020 is just on the way (Sunday 21 June), but there’s still plenty of time to suprise your dad with the perfect Father’s Day greeting card. It’s a little bit difficult to head to shop to buy one during covid-19 times, but some online card service and apps that make it easier to send a father’s day greeting card.

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Father’s Day 2020, what gift are you going to give to your Dad?

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The best Father’s Day 2020 cards online:

1. Etsy

Etsy is a good choice to find out a unique Father’s Day card. And Etsy has over 100,000 Father’s Day card designs to choose from.

2. postable.com

If you’re after a personalised Father’s Day card, Postable has a hundreds of possibility to choose from. Really nice cards, mailed for you.

3. Avatoon

If your dad has a wicked sense of humour, Avatoon is one of the best places to get a Father’s Day greeting card.

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