The Earth & Air Signs: Personality Traits, Meanings & Dates

Now that you know all about the Water and Fire signs of the Zodiac, it’s time to dig in to the last two groups of the Zodiac. Once again we’ll be considering two opposing groups. The Earth signs and the Air signs. Both of which come with their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. So read on to learn more about what makes each of these signs special and different. 

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The Earth Signs ♉️ ♍️ ♑

Earth here does not just refer to dirt or the ground. The element of earth holds special importance, because it is the basis for all the other signs. Without earth there is no fire, or water or air. Therefore, earth is considered to be a grounding element. Someone too flighty or out of touch could often be seen to be lacking in this element. Earth can be intractable, however, and stiff. Sometimes being “grounded” can turn into being immovable. Therefore, earth signs are less ruled by emotion, and more by practical concerns. 

The signs ruled by the earth element are Tarus, Virgo, and Capricorn. All of these signs might be described as “practical.” Hard work, and the ability to both make a plan and follow through with it, these signs are the type of people that are comfortable with routine.

Unlike the fire signs, which also known for action, earth signs are very capable of developing realistic plans for what they want to get done. And actually follow through. However, this can end up being one of the major pitfalls for those under this sign. They can get too comfortable. They’re the type that won’t necessarily try to challenge themselves, and will favor financial security over happiness. This isn’t bad on the face of it, but it means they often fall into a “rut” and stick with jobs, relationships, practices, whatever, that don’t make them happy. For far too long.

Earth signs can be too practical, and neglect their need to explore the world around them and exercise their creativity. Still, I see them as the heavy-lifters when it comes to keeping things together. 

1.♉ Taurus

Taurus are named by the constellations resemblance to a bull, and, like the animal, Taureans enjoy  low-key environments. Or rather serene, and relaxing environments. Taurus strengths include reliability, patience, practicality, devotion and stability. 

Taurus weaknesses include being stubborn, possessive and uncompromising. This sign is full of people who are practical and well grounded. Ambitious without being impractical, Taurus is the star sign of a bountiful harvest. They know a lot about the world, and are extremely dependable and are great friends to have. Their practical mindedness and reliability can lead to problems, however. These traits can morph into darker paths. Practicality can lead into a valuing of materialistic concerns over any other. Sometimes, a Taurus can fall into the trap of loving money and wealth too much, which can taint their entire worldview.

A problem, since the stability and reliability of Taureans can also cause them to be stubborn, just like their namesakes. But when they properly balance their innate characteristics, very few people get as much done as a Taurus. Taurus is most compatible with Scorpio and Cancer. 

2. ♍ Virgo

Virgo, along with all the earth signs, is known for working hard and achieving their goals. They have an even more meticulous approach to life than Taureans, and are known for taking a systematic approach focused on the details. Virgo strengths include loyalty, analytical thinking, hard-work, kindness, and also practicality. 

Virgo weaknesses include shyness, anxiety, and being to work focused and overly critical. Virgos pay attention even to the smallest detail, and are among the most careful of people. The are very human oriented, and their methodical approach to life is often focused on ensuring that those around them are take care of. Their focus on details means they they are considered intelligent, resourceful, and logical. This is where they can get into trouble. They are very unselfish, it’s true, but at some point this can lead to disregarding their own needs and humanity.

They can view them as illogical and irrelevant to the cold light of logic, causing them to obsess over them as flaws. This can likewise lead to them viewing other people’s own shortcomings much too harshly. They can become sort of the Spock of the zodiac world. Still, their ability to break down difficult and jumbled information into organized concepts is unparalleled, and is something we could all learn from.

Virgos are most compatible with Pisces and Cancer.

3. ♑ Capricorn

Known for their dedication and discipline, Capricorns are known for taking the initiative. The hardest worker of all the the signs, even among other earth signs, capricorns are the true heavy-lifters of society. 

Capricorn strengths include, responsibility, discipline, self-control, and managerial success. Capricorn weaknessesinclude being, unforgiving, pessimistic, condescending, and a know-it-all. Capricorns are extremely determined. They. Get. Stuff. Done. They can be great leaders and are very take-charge in bother their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always make them the most popular. Their drive and focus can make them seem cold and removed.

The hardest working, and therefor the most serious, they don’t enjoy incompetence. Or at least, people they deem incompetent. Which is often everyone. They can tend towards impossible standards, and do no like spontaneity of any sort. They can be protective and helpful friends, but their standards can also make them stifling. More than any other sign, Capricorn’s need to remind themselves that it’s ok to calm down and take things less seriously. Although they get stuff done, sometimes it’s ok not to get anything done.

Capricorns are most compatible with Taurus and Cancer.

The Air Signs ♊ ♎ ♒

Air is the element that connects all of the others, despite its invisible nature. It can be seen as impractical, idealistic, and removed from practical needs, but it is connected to all of the others. Air is associated with freedom and the broadening of horizons, both mental and spiritual. Thus, all signs associated with air require the feeling of freedom to satisfy.

The air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People born under these signs often have trouble fitting into the order that they are a part of. Their country, their workplace, or even family. They are the least grounded of the signs, and the most drawn to new and liberating ideas. This can lead to struggles, however, when it comes to finding their place in the world. They struggle with bringing their high ideals and goals to fruition, and require grounding. People born under this sign must often seek the influence of the earth element in order to truly thrive. 

1.♊ Gemini

Gemini like to have their fingers in every pie. Symbolized by the celestial twins, gemini want to do everything and be everywhere. Although they are symbolized by twins, they are not two-faced, as the symbol might suggest. They don’t have enough time. The strengths of gemini are their gentle and affectionate natures, their curiosity and adaptability, and their ability to learn and exchange new ideas. 

Gemini weaknesses include their nervousness, inconsistency, and indecisiveness. Gemini tend to be social butterflies, because they are friendly and have the intelligence that comes from the intellectual curiosity innate in all air signs. While they are not two-faced, they can easily be misunderstood as such. Because they are easily changeable. Constantly taking in new information from their environment, they are also constantly changing their views. Thus, their mutuality is a factor of their ongoing evolution, not their desire to trick. But, this does mean that they can be difficult for people to bond with. How can people maintain solid relationships with you, when who you are changes day-to-day? Gemini should strive to counteract their easily distracted natures by trying to develop routines and keep plans. Gemini are most compatible with Sagittarius and Aquarius.

2. ♎ Libra

Libras are known for being peaceful and fair, and they hate being alone. Therefore, partnership is extremely important to them. They require other people to help them better understand themselves. The strengths of Libras are cooperation, diplomacy, graciousness, fairness, and sociability. 

Libra weaknesses are indecision, avoiding confrontations, and carrying a grudge. Libras are even more sociable than Gemini, and can fit in just about anywhere. Great at smoothing things over and making everyone feel welcomed, they are a great addition to any social gathering. Libra, however, can go too far with this. There is a fine line between making people comfortable and just telling them what they want to hear. This lack of realness can lead people to considering you two-faced, and when your people please doesn’t work, you might feel resentment.

Further, since Libras want every one to like them, they may put strangers affections over the affections of loved ones. Libra need to let their relationships ground them, instead of using them to shoot off into new relationships all the time. Libra are most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius.

3. ♒ Aquarius

Those born under Aquarius are naturally independent, and revolutionary. They love being free and creative, and dream about changing the world. They love to stand out from the crowd, and like all the air signs their heads are in the clouds. 

Aquarius strengths are being progressive, independent, original, and humanitarian. And the weaknesses are being uncompromising, temperamental, aloof, and not nearly as wise as they consider themselves.

Aquarius is a sign for people who want to change the world. They have a very revolutionary spirit. Despite this, they can appear shy and quiet. But this masks their true spirit. It’s too bad that spirit isn’t particularly effective. Aquarius wants big sweeping changes, with high-minded ideals. This often means, however, their view of the world is distorted to fit their ideals, rather than their ideals being shaped by the real world.  They should be careful not to ignore the importance of real-world relationships in grounding their views. Aquarius is most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius.

There you have it. All 12 of the zodiac signs. Remember, that no one is dominated by completely one element, or their personality completely determined by their sign. You may see bits of yourself in all of these signs. I know I do. So, more than anything, remember to follow what feels right to you, but be aware of potential pitfalls. 

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