6 Best Dress-up and Fashion Games for Android

No matter how old I get, I have to admit that I never grow out of the love of playing dress up. Ever since I was a little girl, I just loved putting on and trying out different clothing options. It just really was so fun prancing around and having the time of my life. When you’re a kid it’s so fun playing around in mom’s clothes and pretending you’re mini-fashionista; setting the supermodel catwalk on fire. 

But now, as I get older, I find that I just don’t have the time, let alone the budget, to play dress up. I’m always on the go, and it seems like I’ve always got something to do. And clothes are certainly not cheap enough for me buy as much as I’d like. I can’t all day in a shopping mall anymore either. 

That’s why I’ve become a prolific user of dress up games for mobile. Technology has risen to the occasion once again and resulted in a boom of fashion games, dress up games for girls (and boys), as well as games that let you create and dress up character. So read on for 5 great dress up games that let you go back to girlhood, as well as a great bonus option for those who want a little bit more. 

I Recommend These 6 Best Dress-up and Fashion Games for You

1.Dress Up Games Free

For everyone who wants to play dress-up, and have a ball with a virtual doll, this game is perfect. Separate options for different situations, like bridal, prom, and shopping, create fun opportunities. Change the outfit of cartoon characters and indulge in different clothing items  and styles. This is a great dress up game for girls. 

2. Avatoon

For those who want dress up with a little more, than Avatoon is the perfect game for you. Avatoon is a cartoon avatar maker, and it lets users create a cute cartoon mini-me. You can design the character manually, or use the app to create you an avatar from a selfie. There’s not really a limit to the type of avatar you can create. 

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Avatoon home page new PC

Furthermore, there’s not really a limit to make-up or style options. Avatoon let’s you change hair, makeup, clothing, accessories and even more. You can go punk and give yourself facial piercings, or go ultra preppy and dress yourself like a princess. You can change almost anything you can think of. In fact, Avatoon might have more dress-up options than anyone else on this list.

What’s more, Avatoon let’s  you easily create photos of, and featuring, your avatar. It has a lot of really cool editing features. You can insert your avatar into real life photos, create stickers featuring your avatar, and more! Avatoon also has a social aspect to it and sharing your creations has never been easier!

There’s really not enough space here to go into all the benefits of Avatoon. But if you want to try out a top-shelf app that’s  got even more options than any other fashion game, I highly recommend it. 

Why not download Avatoon – Your personal avatar creator & emoji maker on Google Play and download Avatoon on App Store NOW? Start your Avatoon Journey!

3. Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

Another fun option, this one offers a bit less nuance, but at the same time has a fun twist. Instead dressing up just a female character, you get to dress up the whole family. The fashion style is decidedly glamorous, but it’s still super fun. Like other fashion games you have lots of clothing items and you can easily change outfit of cartoon characters. If you’ve ever wanted to go crazy with your dream kids and family, this is the game for you. 

4. Icy Dress Up – Girls Games

This Frozen inspired dress up game might be the perfect dress up game for girls and boys, but probably isn’t for those looking for tons of options. Still if you’ve ever wanted to make up a princess and go creasy with the fashion, than this fashion game is for you. Give your magic princess sisters new hairstyles, clothes and more!

5. Millionaire Wedding – Lucky Bride Dress Up

For those of us who dream of our perfect wedding day (even if it’s already happened) this is a great way to indulge the fantasy. Change wedding dress and decor with this game, for the perfect wedding dress-up game. Definitely a dress up game for girls.

6. Unicorn Dress Up – Girls Games

This is a dress up game with a twist. Instead of a human character, here you can dress up a fairytale beauty: a Unicorn right from a storybook! Change hair color, style, and more to create a beautiful memorable character. Perfect for anyone who never grew out of their fairytale phase. 

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