Self portrait: What’s your profile picture online?

So I’ve always had some problems when it comes to my profile picture and self portrait. Shocker, I know. But, for me, even though I have a lot of ideas in my head, it’s still really hard to figure out what I should put as my self portrait. I mean, what does your profile picture reveal about your personality? For example, both Picasso and Van Gogh have created their own self portrait, and how do these two self portrait feel to you? Your choice of pic reveals way more than you would think. That’s just science or whatever. Probably. 

Like,sometimes I’m really feeling my look and I want to post that. But do I necessarily want that as my profile online? I do a lot of stuff on social media. I don’t want people to think I’m just a glam account.  Plus, I want them to look at that stuff I post, not just my profile. I like doing fun self-portrait of myself, and sharing ok? I have a life, really I do. So what to do?

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How to take a “perfect” profile picture?

1.Make your profile pic online like a mascot

Ok, I was talking about it with friends. Yes I have friends. And my one social media successful friend had an interesting point. Which is that the point of a cool profile pic is to make people want to know more about you. Like, actually clicking through and seeing what you’re about. He said a profile pic is actually like a mascot for you. Something to get people interested. Which, I guess is weird but also totally makes sense? So how can you do that? 

2.Make your profile picture artistic


Ok here’s the thing, if my profile pic is like a mascot, then I don’t necessarily want it to be just a pic of me. I want it to show what I’m like, and make people want to know more about my personality. What’s fun, inviting, and a good representative of you? A drawing! Like a caricature or a cartoon avatar. Ok, now we’re moving! Except I can’t draw. OMG I cannot draw. Unless you count, stick figures. Which mine are also not that good. Luckily, there’s an app for that and it can help you to create a free cartoon profile in your mobile.

3.Get a cartoon avatar maker App

No, not for drawing. Well, probably not. No, I mean for making a cartoon avatar. There are lots of apps for that. Seriously, there are so many on the Google Play store that say they’ll help you make a cartoon self portrait. But, which one to use? I’m a busy woman, I don’t want to look through a ton of boring screenshots that aren’t even what the app looks like. I recommend Avatoon, which can cartoon yourself and create free cartoon avatars for your families or friends. Apparently it has a bunch of features but is pretty straightforward. Plus the art-style looks cute but not cutesy. Which is totally a scientific distinction I know. You can find out more funny things at their website if you want. 

4.Create your own avatar as profile, With a photo, or manually

Ok so it seems like there are usually two ways to create an avatar. You can use a photo to have the artists of the app to create the avatar directly from your selfie. But you can also create it yourself manually if you want. Avatoon has both, apparently. Either way seems like it comes out looking pretty cute. You can customize every detail of your avatar to look exactly like you. Seriously, you can change like everything. You can even give yourself a haircut and change your dress up! I create many avatar character for my friends and tons of cartoon profile pictures with Avatoon. I admit I got a little obsessed with it. But it was crazy fun! You best believe I tried out some hair-styles I’m not brave enough for in real life.

5.Experiment with it

turn yourself into cartoon

Speaking of, you can even get a little wild with it. Look, I’m gonna admit something. I’m not usually the most fashion conscious person. I try, but most days I look like I grew directly out of the couch wearing my PJs. But that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes want to look like an insta-girl. I just do not have the makeup skills irl. Countless beauty channels have not managed to help. So, I admit I may have had too much fun playing with my avatar. But omg it looks so good! So much easier than real-life makeup. Feel free to make your cartoon profile as ideal you! Have fun creating the perfect cartoon avatar, that you like. Not what society says you can look like. Lame society why do we even care? Wear that blue top. The one you think is too much. 

6.Make even more!

Ok, so I don’t know if they’re all like this, but Avatoon lets you make multiple avatar character free. So, like the smart woman I am, I decided I needed more. Much more. I made myself an avatar for facebook. An avatar for Instagram. Ya’ll, I even made an avatar character of my dog. So, yes, I may have gone overboard. But my mom absolutely loved it. Seriously loved it. She. Flipped. Her. 💩. I’m totally making one of her next. Which leads to my next point.

7.Make stickers and emoji

Avatoon chat with your own emoji

Ya’ll. You can make stickers and emoji with your avatar. I had no idea. It’s super easy. I can control the text. I can choose the movements. Omg my text game has shot through the roof. I thought it would be a little cringe. Like I said my mom is going crazy over them. But even my friends totally love them. It’s just super fun. Like it’s a whole other thing to do on top of making my avatar. The app I use has a ton of options, and frankly I think it’s making my friends jealous. Which I love 😈.

8.Dominate social media by your cool cartoon profile picture

So now you have the tools and the means to just wreck the competition. Jk. But only sort of. It’s weird, but I feel like my social media game has gotten super polished. I still post photos real photos, obviously, but my profile picture in social media combined with stickers…everything just feels super on point. And it’s so easy! Anyway, no matter what you do, at least you can have a ton of fun with it. So, let’s cartoon ourselves and do a cartoon self portrait together to have some fun. 

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