Avatoon home page pic - create your own personal avatar

Find Make Up Options With Avatoon

Looking for the perfect new look?  Or are you trying get just the right shade of eyeshadow? Why not give yourself a digital makeover? Make your avatar look as cool as you!

Here’s how  to use Avatoon’s many makeup options, without getting overwhelmed by choice!

The perfect way to finish up your new avatar, is a little makeup makeover. Follow these steps.

  • In the Avatoon App home-screen, press the Face button on the right side of the screen.
  • In the Face screen you can scroll through the features at the top to select the feature you want to change. So select the eye icon,for eyeshadow options.
  • Select Eyeshadow and and scroll though the shaping and color options to get the perfect look.
  • Select a different facial feature at the top, lips, eyebrows, and more, to keep experimenting.
  • Press the blue Save button in the top right corner when you’re finished.
  • HINT: If you want other options, got back to the homepage. You can add piercings, face stickers, and more!

Once you’ve got your makeup just right, don’t forget to save your work! And don’t worry, you can go back and change your makeup whenever you want. Makeovers with a tap!