Avatoon: Your Full Body Avatar Maker

As a novel form of expressing oneself, full-body cartoon avatars have recently become very popular on social media. Compared with real selfies, cartoon avatars not only protect people’s privacy but also show their own characteristics.

This article will introduce some basics of full-body cartoon avatars, a detailed guide on making full-body cartoon avatars, and some wonderful fan works that our users created by Avatoon.

What are full body avatar makers?

To get into full-body avatar, we first need to know some basic functions of avatar maker. Avatar maker, such as Avatoon and Bitmoji, is a way to easily obtain your own cartoon avatar.

In the past, people might need an artist to draw their avatars. However, with the development of face recognition technology, avatar maker apps are available now to help people create cartoon avatars quickly.  People can use their own cartoon avatars to create unique photos and stickers and to share them with friends. It’s a convenient way to make more fun of expressing yourself on social media platforms.

However, a full-body avatar may be a better option for users who want to create a more complete cartoon character. More than facial features, self-style is what people want to express through cartoon avatars on social media. Full-body avatars can help people express their personality through accessories, outfits, and some unique poses.

How to make full body avatars in Avatoon?

People can make their own full body cartoon avatars through some related cartoon avatar apps and online websites.

Here we will explain in detail how to make a full body avatar with Avatoon. If you want to know more about full body avatar maker apps, you can read 5 Best Full Body Avatar Maker Apps for Android and iOS in 2021.

The basics of Avatoon

Avatoon is a cartoon full body avatar maker. It has 500+ cartoon stickers & emojis, poses, clothing, and fantastic photo templates. Users can create personal full-body cartoon characters and dress up their cartoon avatars in different styles to make them what users want them to be.

Download Avatoon on App Store and Google Play to start make your full-body avatars!

Guide to making a full body avatar that looks like you

Step 1: Choose an appropriate picture

To quickly create a full-body cartoon avatar, we need to choose a photo with a clear face. This step will help Avatoon to recognize your facial features more accurately. Besides, we can also use the function of manual creation to make a more personalized cartoon avatar.

The start page of Avatoon

To illustrate the making process more clearly, we used followed image as an example.

Step 2: Adjust facial features and choose similar clothes for your cartoon avatar

After facial recognition, you will get a base avatar. You can adjust various facial features of the avatar, such as skin tone, eye color and hair style, to make it more similar to the original picture.

  • Slide the right bar on the homepage, find the feature you want to apply
  • Adjust your face shape, hairstyle, and other facial features by tapping on the face button
  • Make up your cartoon avatar by tapping on the beauty button
  • Dress up your character by tapping on the clothes button
  • Decorate the home of your avatar by tapping on the background button
  • Pick a fun pose to your avatar by tapping on the pose button

Step 3: Edit your personal full body avatar photo

After create your avatar, you may want to make some full-body avatar photos to share on social media. In Avatoon, we have the function of ‘Photobooth’ to help users complete their creative photos.

  • Tap on the second icon at the bottom of the screen to enter into Photobooth
  • Click Create my photo to edit your avatar photo
  • Click Background and Avatoon at the bottom of the screen to add your avatar with appropriate pose and change your background of photo
  • Click Save to Gallery at the bottom of the screen
  • Click other buttons to share your cartoon avatar photo on social platforms

Now, you can share your full-body avatar with friends! If you want to make a full body avatar online, you can also check the website of making avatar online.

Some fantastic fan works that may inspire you

As an avatar maker app, our greatest privilege is to meet many excellent users. Here we would like to share some of their works. Maybe these photos can inspire you to make your first full-body avatar.

The full body avatar examples are shown below.

  1. mervenin_dudusu

2. juliethcor92

3. cherry_andrw+hollyh

4. sweetchocolatemami

5. avatoon_the_dudes_girl 

6. avatoon.fans

7. avatoon.friends

8. __karma_devil__46

9. yenny_christine79

10. siva_thondan

11. donagirafa.pedago

12. _zlatik_2010

13. its.greene.not.green

14. le_vraix_mheddy_malardof

15. the_dan_sisters

16. oogii_27

These are all the tips to make a full-body avatar.

If you want to explore more features of the product, you can read the article of making avatars to get more interesting ways to play Avatoon.
If you want to see more fan works, you can check “How to create your own avatars and turn yourself into a cartoon“. We also choose some great examples.

Start your avatar journey now!

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  1. i use this app and love it.It is a very nice app i get dobble likes on insta if i make my avatar i make gif pics for my youtube channle,insta and facebook

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