Avatoon home page pic - create your own personal avatar

Avatar Doesn’t Look Like Me

Are you tired of trying to find an app to make an avatar that looks like you, only to get a low-quality product? Avatoon believes in giving users the best avatar possible, and we think that means the avatar should look like you.

Here’s how  to use Avatoon as an antidote to avatars that don’t look like you.

If this is your problem, then Avatoon is the solution. Follow the steps below to get the perfect cartoon lookalike.

  • In the Avatoon App home-screen, you can select the Add new avatar button in the top left corner. It should have a green plus sign.
  • Once you are in the new avatar screen you have to choose your gender, this helps the app create clothes options for you.
  • You can then choose from two options: Facial Recognition or Manual Creation.
  • If you choose Facial Recognition, the app will automatically create an avatar that looks just like you. All you have to do is take a selfie.
  • If you choose Manual Creation, you can choose your facial features, hair color and more, yourself.
  • Either way, once your avatar is created, be sure to click save!

After you’ve completed your avatar, you can change its hair, makeup, clothes, and more! And if you want to alter something else like, for example, your facial features or hair, don’t worry! You can manually alter them from the home-screen.