10 Scariest Animated Horror Movies To Watch With The Lights Off

There’s nothing more fun than sitting down to an awesome horror movie! But, yeah, I know most of you are scared of watching horror movies. So my suggestion is turn on the lights, if you feel scared when you watching a horror movie. 🤣 Here, I need to recommend you 10 best animated horror movies. Some scary, some funny, some both. So read on to check out the best scary animated movies of all time!

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Watch these 10 Scariest Animated Horror Movies With The Lights Off


1.Watership Down

Scariest animated horror movies 1


The recipient of quite a bit of critical acclaim, this might be one of the most legitimately disturbing movies on this list. The strange thing is it isn’t even meant to be that scary. Technically a children’s/young adult movie, it does not attempt to pull punches when it comes too the harshness of nature. The journey of a group of rogue rabbits attempting to set up their own warren, the story is more inspired by Roman history than Peter Rabbit. But the beautiful animation and amazing voice acting make it well worth the watch. 

2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Scariest animated horror movies 2


One of Disney’s earliest offerings, all the way from 1937, this children’s movie based on the Grimm’s Fairytale might not be the most obvious pick for our list. But make no mistake, this movie is truly frightening. The animation, the random jump scares, the almost primeval story, it truly stands out. Going from dream to nightmare to dream, this visually inspiring film is well worth the re-watch. But in terms of true frights, the wicked step-mother in this film serves stands out. 

Perhaps not as well remembered as The Sleeping Beauty’s maleficent, this wicked witch is still the stuff of nightmares. She is something of the proto-villainess of all Disney’s wicked mothers. Her decent into madness and physical transformation, all the result of the envy, are truly haunting. And her raspy voiced performance is truly iconic in the visceral fear it produces.

3. Spirited Away

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Another odd pick, spirited away is again more of a fairytale than a horror. However, like Snow White, it reminds us from where fairy-tales come. A moral lesson  wrapped in inventively grotesque packaging, it’s a heart warming tale of personal growth. But the visuals, and the surrealistic setting are pure horror. Literally a ghost story, so much of the movie is made up of visually horrifying situations that the heroine must overcome. It’s perfect for some all ages scaring. Additionally, despite being dubbed, the English track is truly of amazing quality.  So you don’t have to sacrifice anything watching the translation. 

4. The Addams Family

Scariest animated horror movies 4


Another iteration of the classic cartoon first created in 1938, and their first CGI outing, this hilarious and creepy inversion of the American family is another great watch for all ages. Boasting a star packed cast, this new re-make is a great way to spend a spooky night. 

5. Coraline

Scariest animated horror movies 5


The first claymation offering on our list, Coraline might be the creepiest of movies on our list. Based on the work of Neil Gaiman, Coraline is much like spirited away in the that it’s a story of personal growth with surreal and grotesque imagery. A lonely young girl who ventures into a seemingly perfect alternate reality, this story is inventive and, visually, equal parts beautiful and unsettling. As a child it was definitely a bit too scary for me. But watching it as an adult I could definitely appreciate it quite a bit more. This is another heart-warming tale, but it’s still got the jumps and scares.

6. Paranorman

Scariest animated horror movies 6


Another beautifully animated film, Paranorman is the perfect halloween film. Featuring witches, ghosts and more, Paranorman also has a clever script and a well written mystery at its center. It’s one of those classic films that for some reason has fallen under the radar, so it might be a new experience for your. But be sure to grab some popcorn and enjoy the experience either way. 

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Scariest animated horror movies 7


Another classic of the scary animated genre, The Nightmare Before Christmas is also a Tim Burton classic, as well as one of the reasons for Claymation’s later revival. The haunting, surreal and beautiful tale needs almost no introduction, but it has the beauty of being both a Halloween and Christmas treat. But there’s no reason to limit the experience to just those two seasons, go nuts any night you’d like. Turn the lights off and snuggle-in for some scary comfort. 

8. The Secret of NIMH

Scariest animated horror movies 8


Another animal themed movie that’s not supposed to be horror, but still definitely can fall into that realm The Secret of NIMH is the tale of a brave field mouse on a quest to save her family from the dangers around them. Mixing magic, science, and fantasy, The Secret of NIMH is a beautifully animated film that boasts some excellent performances. A Don Bluth film, which at one point was the only real Disney competitor, the movie is a testament to style. Not nearly as well known as some of his other films, such as All Dogs Go to Heaven, NIMH is still the far better film. Some of the imagery, however, is genuinely unsettling, but it gives it a real epic tone that is somewhat at odds with the story. Still, it’s a great film no matter your age. 

9. Monster House

Scariest animated horror movies 9


Another superior kid’s horror film, that transcends the genre, Monster house is a throwback to an earlier period of Americana. The plot, dealing with a house that literally comes to life, is also straight out of horror. This film also flew a bit under the radar, but it has laughs and jumps and boasts inventive animation. Like the rest of the movies on this list, Monster House works for both kids and adults. 

10. Castlevania

Scariest animated horror movies 10


We’re going to cheat on this one aa little bit. Castlevania isn’t a movie. But it’s the horror anime you never even knew you needed! Based on the best-selling early video game platformer, Castlevania is exclusively for mature audiences. But it’s an inspired TV show, with great action and awesome monster fighting fun. A true visual treat, it’s the perfect thing to binge if you’re looking for a bit of animated horror. So go ahead and start watching. 

Have you got any other animated horror for us? Did we leave off your favorites? Let us know what you think!

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