10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

It’s time to take the time to think about your best friend – YOUR DOG. That’s right, it’s time to take care of your puppy. If you have just owned a dog or you are still a novice of raising dog, I can feel how you feel. Although you love your dog, you don’t know how to treat it well. Or you don’t know how to keep your dog safe. We know that, so, we prepared 10 tips for you, on how you can keep your dog safe this year. 

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So, how to keep your dog safe?

1.Protect their little Paws!

Summer is in full swing, and that can be one of the most dangerous times of the year for dogs. It’s too hot, there are ticks everywhere, and there isn’t much you can do to make your pooch not want to run around like the Tasmanian Devil.

It’s really hot out, so one thing to be careful of is your dog’s sweet little toe pads. Despite popular belief, a dog’s toe pads can be quite sensitive.  So, while it might sound silly, it’s not a bad idea to invest in “dog booties” if you plan on running outside on the sidewalk or on asphalt. And, despite what you might think, dog’s eventually get used to them and run like normal. They’re great for both cold and hot weather. Check out these suggestions for where to shop.

2. Don’t Touch the Fur!

It may be hot out, but, counterintuitively, giving your pup a shave will NOT make them cooler. Their coats actually provide insulation that helps them regulate their body heat, but also helps protect them from the sun. So you dog already has some heat protection built in. One vet emphasizes that if your dog has matted areas, then of course you can shave those out, but to leave their coats untouched as much as you can. It won’t help, and may actually hurt them, to have a shave.

10 Tips To Keep Your Puppy Safe 2

3. Attack of the Ticks. And Fleas.

One big summer problem is the sudden preponderance of ticks. But fleas are also out in the summer months. These dangerous pests cause more problems than just itching. They can lead to allergies, anemia, and tapeworms. So be sure to treat your dog with flea control products. These are easily available from your Vet. Be sure to remember that these medicines aren’t just to treat problems, they are actually preventative. So you need to give them to your pets even if they don’t seem to be affected.

4. Exercise

This might seem unnecessary since most dogs are already balls of energy, but actually it’s extremely important. If dogs aren’t fit, they can’t do the things that dogs like to do. Run around like weirdos for example. This means more than just running around the block, but includes playing, walking and more. By all means, take your dog on your runs, but remember that they have more energy beyond even that. Play for them is also mental stimulation, so it keeps them from getting bored and engaging in destructive behaviors. So have fun, it’s for their health.

5. Lose Weight

On the same note as exercise, dogs, maybe even more than people, need to be slim and fit. It’s crucial to their welfare, and overall quality of life. Additionally, they have the same risks as people when it comes to being over weight. Arthritis, liver disease, and coronary disease as a few examples. And, just like people, they have trouble staying slim because they love food. But unlike people, they will eat almost anything. So that means it’s up to you to ensure they are eating healthy.  Talk to your vet in order to figure out what diet is best for your dog, and whether or not they are at a healthy weight. 

10 Tips To Keep Your Puppy Safe 3

6. Avoid Bad Foods

Look, we know there is not much in life more fun than giving your pooch some food from the table. Especially over the summer! The thing is, that’s really not good for them, no matter how fun. Vets see an increase in patients with serious stomach problems over holiday seasons, so it may seem fun, but could actually be dangerous. If you’re not sure what is or isn’t harmful to your dog, then check here to be sure you don’t accidentally poison your pup.  

7. Brush Their Teeth

It might sound silly, but dogs need teeth brushing too. Particles of plaque can  build up in your dog’s mouth and cause infections, that could ultimately be deadly. You can buy canine toothpaste and tooth brushes for your dog, and consult your vet on how to make the process as painless as possible. 

8. Heartworm

Another serious problem for dogs is Heartworm. It’s very difficult to treat and can be fatal, so the best thing to do is give your dog a monthly dose of Heartworm medication, to prevent Heartworm before it starts. See your vet for how to obtain Heartworm medication. Like flea and tick medication, it’s prevention that your dog can’t do without.

9. Go for a Swim

It’s hot as all get out, so your dogs could probably do with some swim-time. However, not all dogs are natural swimmers. Be sure to check if your little doggie can swim or not, and if they can’t, invest in a lifejacket. There are specially made versions for dogs. If you take your dog to a lake, be aware that dogs can get ill if they ingest lake-water.  

10. Go to the Vet

Your number one takeaway from this list should be: go to the vet! If you’re worried you are doing something wrong, a vet will be able to help you out. Also, Dogs, like people, require regular check ups to ensure that they’re doing well. Regular visits help catch little problems before they become big problems. So take care of your pet, by taking them to the vet. 

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